There must be something really wrong with me... what do you think it is?

I’m intelligent, very good looking (but only 5’7”), wealthy (worth over $5M but conservative and don’t show it), active, well traveled, cultured and a good guy. I’m an introvert and a little on the shy side. I’m probably a boring person as I don’t like to party. I’ve wanted a girlfriend for ages and can’t seem to get any girl I desire. Everyone thinks I look mid 30s but I’m actually 48. I do pursue women in their 30s bc I’d like to have kids. Have any suggestions? Have any clues what’s wrong with me?


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  • Your only problem is you are good. Further nothing.
    The good woman never goes out. That is a problem you have to deal with in the first place. So you find them in hospitals. You can go there and take a seat. There are many. Perhaps you need a nice woman you like.
    There you meet people also who care for each other. So that is a good sign.
    The good woman makes themselves unnoticed. Also in the way they dress. That is another problem you have to deal with cause you will not notice them easily.
    But they are worse it since they have always a good sense of humor and are very smart.
    You can buy a dog and walk in the park.
    This way you protect other people as well.
    You also must look behind you, because you might get followed and meet a hooker, cops dressed as hookers. So be careful. Do not eat ice cream also when you hear ring the bell in the streets on warm days.
    the good woman is not hanging on the phone. she has no phone. She does not watch tv and is not on facebook. Neither on twitter. She probably has not even a doorbell. Good luck finding her. But if you do. She is worth a million.

    • Another thing. If you find one. Know that just your kindness is for her worth more than a hundred billions dollars. She is thankful and grateful. And takes nothing for granted.

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  • Try a library cause remember the arrogant think of smart cultured people as dumb
    So library prob early to mid morning cause the usually have a schedual to keep even if they are alone prob well organized and educated on literacy prob Shakespeare or other early century classics like Jane Eyre


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  • Give me some of that $5M and I'll show u the way.

  • Soooo what happened to the women you pursue

    • They have no interest in me. That’s why I think there must be something wrong with me.

    • Maybe it's the approach, communication skills

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