The Guy I've started to date calls too much, what to do?

So I've been talking to a really great guy for the last 7 days. We are meeting up tomorrow then again next Sunday.

We really click, laugh, get along during our phone conversations and I do enjoy speaking to him however I'm finding that he is perhaps a tad excited because he is literally calling me every night and the calls are going on for hours. I'm not getting to bed until midnight most nights and feel tired the next morning.

Don't get me wrong I like that he calls but it's a little full on hearing from him every night for 2 hours each night. I'm feeling like I'm not really getting anytime to do my own thing or sit down to relax during my weeknights as I'm on the phone with him the minute my daughter goes to bed.

He is an Uber Driver and so I think a large part of this constant calling is probably a time filler between driving jobs for him. He doesn't sound crazy in any way. I'm putting it down to a bit of boredom and being keen on me.

Now I'm not sure how to handle this or get him to scale back the phonecalls without the potential risk of hurting his feelings cause I really like him and don't want to drive him away or say something that might make him think I'm not interested because I am very much interested. Suggestions people?


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  • Just be straight up with him, you really like talking but you need a little time to yourself. He should understand


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  • Try to end the calls earlier. He's find something else to do to fill up time (hopefully not calling other girls). I guess you don't have to answer every call when you're busy? Everyone should understand others need time for other stuff


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