How do I ask this girl out?

There's this girl I like, and I'm pretty sure she likes me back. She loves my attention, I love to give it to her... We have nicknames for each other and have a lot in common (music, activities, interests)... And even just today she was wearing my hoodie all day.

Here's the problem. All my friends think she likes me and I think she likes me too. I am great when it comes to talking/flirting with girls, I do that without faltering or stuttering over a single word. But when it comes to actually asking girls out, I suck.

How do I get over this doubt I have in my mind? This girl makes me so happy and I want to see myself in a relationship with her, but apparently, I don't want that enough to just go for it. I need advice, does anyone have some?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Its really pretty simple! Im sure she likes you! And honestly the worst she could say is no. All you need are those "20 seconds of insane courage". Im think you would be golden if you just think of a simple plan weather its to go get drinks or icecream or go feed the ducks at the park and ask her if she wants to go! a simple "Hey wanna go get icecream?" is perfect! Then make follow thorugh! The only thing worse then not having plans is flaky plans. Give it the beans!

    • I hope you're right. I genuinely feel like she'd be willing to do anything as long as we just spend some time together, I just need to muster up the courage and go for it.

    • just pretend like you know for sure she's dying to go out with you!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Hi do you wanna go out some time?

    • I wish it was that easy for me

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