Should I let go?

I’ve been dating a surgeon, So obviously he’s really busy, I’m just conflicted on if he actually cares or if he’s just using his profession as an excuse to not see me (we see one another once a week, or once every two weeks). I’m fine with that, as long as it’s for legit reasons. He says that he does care about me, but people say a lot of things. We’ve been dating for 4 months and frankly I’ve fallen in love. I got extremely messed up on cinco de mayo and ended up telling him via text (I know, dumb right?). The text was basically an ultimatum saying that I loved him and if he didn’t reply I’d take the hint and never contact him again. He replied and said he needed time to think things over but he would be hurt if we stopped seeing one another, he never said he loved me back (I don’t need him to right now), I’m confused why did he even reply?


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  • He's a surgeon thats a beyond demanding job I know because i'm a doctor in training. This job is hell your always learning so much that life tends to walk you by you hear things on the news and go "what when did that happen?" also remember how many girls have left him because he's always working and having the same constant questions "do you love me?" If he didn't why is he with you? Let's be honest he's a surgeon so he doesn't need a girlfriend he gets paid a lot too he could just go solo.

    • You’re right if he didn’t care he wouldn’t make an effort, he never goes a day without talking to me. I just wasn’t sure how demanding the profession actually was. I value my solo time/time with friends so I’m okay with not seeing him often. Just as long as I know he cares.

    • The profession is ridiculous I won't deny I have to scoff down my breakfast or lunch and get back to work for hours. Even the pay is not worth the damage to your health your always tired and exhausted I have had to take a break from my work due to depression my body physically shut down.
      But I won't deny try to encourage him to do more with you but at the same time try to alleviate his stress. Right now I need a wife or girlfriend to help me because I just can't do laundry food and work on my own it's impossible.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, my guy is a second year resident and I can tell he’s tired. You’re actually making me rethink my choice lol I’m pre-med, I forgot to mention he’s older than me by 8 years. I really hope you get back on the horse, it’s okay to take a short break but try not to extend it, you’ve made it this far lol that means you’re a badass try not to forget that fact. Thanks for answering my question

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  • Hi in your situation three things can be done
    1. Ask him directly if do he love you or nor
    2. Keep your mind calm and think thay you are not the only one with this problem many are there
    No 3 i will tell if you find first two useful


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