In general, do you find men's or women's dating advice more helpful?

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  • There should be 4 options for it to be interesting.

    I actually prefer not to get advice. My situation is unique and so is everyone else's.

    But as a man I naturally listen to other men as their experience of the world is much more similar to mine.

    I think it would be more interesting to find out if other's feel the same way and give 4options:

    1) I am a man and prefer men's advice.
    2) I am a man and prefer woman's advice.
    3) I am a woman and prefer woman's advice.
    4) I am a woman and prefer men's advice.

    Sorry for butting in, just wanted to write something and didn't find an interesting enoigh post.

    • Lol. First time voting. It actually shows you those stats.

  • Men's advice is usually more helpful to me


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