So girls, how would you take being asked out on a random date by someone you only know from a college class?

I've NEVER been on a random blind date and I think it'd be fun. I've been in serious relationships and always built up from talking (at school) but now I'm out of school and got out of a very long serious relationship. I'm in a mood where I just want to have a fun date, but I also kinda have a person I'd like to try it with? Not looking for some one night stands, but a fun let's go have fun and throw some flirting in there maybe? lmao Sounds weird when I type it out but wth ever.

A girl from my College class, we've talked like veeery little cause I'm a shy at first kind of person plus it's college class so focused, and now that class has ended. Should I try talking to them first over some social media or just come right out and see if they'd like to go on a random date doing whatever sounds like fun?


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  • Depends on the guy and if I found something about him to be attractive. But I would not be down for a random meeting if the guy never talked to me at any point in class.

    • So would it be less weird if I tried talking to her over social media then for a bit? (we are already friends on them)

    • yea, try to start up a conversation and then see if she'll want to hang out after. I take it you both are still in college? maybe see when she's on campus next and grab a coffee after class is done for the day.

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  • What college do you go too

    • Lol Probably shouldn't just give out info but whatevs, Gulf Coast State College.

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