What is so fun about hooking up?

I do not, on any level, understand it. It seems borderline unsafe. Why not pleasure yourself as opposed to somebody else doing it? I don't look down on it, but I also don't think either gender should be encouraged to do it. I've been using tinder, and a lot of people put on their profiles that they want to have NSA sex.

This isn't a critique, I'm generally curious what is so fun about it.


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  • Personally I don't understand it either. It may be just since I am demisexual, (meaning I lack sexual attraction to others unless I have a romantic connection to them/am in love or falling in love with them.) But I see little to no value in casual sex, though I don't look down on it either. I tend to stick to masturbation and am at this point still a virgin.

    • I'm curious, and sorry if this is too personal, but if you are not sexually attracted to others, how do you get yourself aroused during masturbation?

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    • To define it better, seeing a woman in a state of sexual pleasure and hearing her moan turns me on a little bit, this is increased heavily when I have sexual attraction to her. It's like knowing that the woman is truly enjoying it makes me more satisfied, and I think this is also intensified if I am the one causing the pleasure, but it's hard to tell until I lose my virginity.

      Also, sometimes my imagination would help. It's hard to do, especially when I'm tired, but sometimes just fantasizing about a girl who I have those feelings for and who shared those feelings for me, would be enough to really get me going.

    • I feel like I'm explaining myself poorly, so I hope you can make sense of it haha. Fantasizing about the idea of a girl* not a specific girl but just a made up girl who felt that way.

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