Transitioning from Movie to Makeout?

So I’m gonna be having a girl over next week and I’m wondering how I’m going to go from watching a movie to having her all over me. I know that I should dress and smell good but what do I do in terms of getting her into the mood to do some... ya know... stuff?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Well first better hope you two have the same attraction towards one another & chemistry. If you don't have that then nothing will happen most likely. But if so, just enjoy the movies. Try to hold her hand or be close to her. Smooching always helps. Don't force it though.. be smooth & smoke/smirk some.

    • Be close to her. I feel that.

    • Would it be awkward to ask to go feel her up?

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  • I gotchu, good breath too. gum. turn the lights off. watch a scary movie, or a romance, work slowly , put your arm around her or on her knee. etc. progress from there. if she's into it kiss her

    • Kiss her? It could throw things off if I do it on the lips so I’ll probably kiss her forehead.

    • if she's giving you the vibe that she wants to be kissed do it, shows you're confident. and girls don't usually make that move. if you try and she backs off, just don't make a big deal out of it

    • I guess so. Once things start up if I wanted to change rooms I guess I would just pick her up and take her

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  • Don't be a creep, be a gentlemen put your arm around her make her feel special and like a princess, make her feel like you enjoy her company i often find thats the best way to go about anything, if she's into it let nature tale it course

  • Promise eating her ass


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