What's the worst thing you have ever done to a significant other during a relationship?

Have you cheated? Hurt them? What's the worst thing you've ever done with a partner?

If you've truthfully never done anything bad with a partner, and are saying that honestly... then, what's the worst thing a partner has ever done to you?

I've allowed anonymous opinions, so no one needs to know who you are. Also, let's try to be judgement-free of others' confessions, please. We all have our demons and regrets.

It wouldn't be fair of me to ask without having shared myself, so... here goes:

Toward the end of my marriage, I wasn't working, staying home to care for my son. I had some minor ankle problems (which were fixed with surgery in December of 2015). Not working, and having a gimp foot, kinda depressed me. I sank into video games. Bad. Like, pawning off my newborn son onto family to babysit while I gamed endlessly into the night, sometimes for 14-16 hours per day. I developed Gaming Disorder, an addiction every bit as serious as drugs, alcohol, or gambling... and I ruined my marriage and tore my family apart. My ex-wife and I are now friends, and my relationship with my son is incredible... but I will live with what I've done forever.

As far as the worst thing anyone has ever done to me... I had an ex call me and my sister (who I lived with at the time in my final years of college), and threaten to kill her and her daughter if I didn't take her back. So much so that she sent me photographs of my niece getting off of the school bus, with a handgun sitting on the dashboard of her car in view. Needless to say, she's in prison now.


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  • An ex... off the Indian rez... all of her big talk of guns, and how bad every guy was... spending her days talking crap online instigating people, instead of taking care of her 3 kids-which everyone else did for her-... smh. One night she decided to try to attack me. A throat blow. It missed... she didn't have enough leverage. I slashed her across her face with a fillet blade. She slumped down against the wall, blood spurting like a geyser. Passed out. That was it. Im soured on this generation of Lower 48 States females. I dont know who the f they think they are... I live in Alaska now. Much better.

    • Thank you for sharing.

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