How much should you message them after asking them out but before the actual date?

So you've asked a girl out, now how much should you message her before the day of the actual date, once a day or every other day or what? Don't want to come off needy, but also don't want it to look like I've lost interest all together.


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  • I prefer to hear from him everyday. Other girls might be different, but the guys who didn't message me every day and I just assumed he was busy or trying to play it cool, actually turned out to be players who weren't that interested. So, now it's a bit of a red flag for me if I don't hear from a guy briefly once a day leading up to a date. I'll assume he's not interested/playing me and try to mentally move on.

    • Yeah that makes sense. She has a habit of just stopping texting randomly so it makes me confused to no end lol

    • Ohh OK. Well if she does that then feel free to put a day in between. She's not entirely sure about you yet so a little distance will make her miss you.

    • Yeah, that makes sense, she got out of a 1 1/2 year relationship a few months ago, so that would make sense if she didn't trust me yet.

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  • i think every other day. You are still in the chase period so you want to keep things interesting and play it a bit cool, after another that you can text more but I think its good every secvond day or so...

    • So that's what they call what's going on. It is moderately confusing, I'll give it that lol

  • love recieving texts from my boyfriend. problyevery day but if you've just been her maybe givee it a rest


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