What are your opinions on liberal left wing women in general?

Am I the only one that feels a bit turned off by them?


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  • Obviously if you ask a conservative they are going to have negative opinions on them. If you feel turned off by them then it’s understandable if your political values don’t line up. Which will put off anybody regardless if they are liberal or conservative.


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  • You mean the sjw feminists that are ugly, fat and dirty? I can't stand em. They are very unintelligent and want to control everything I do, not desirable.

    • How about normal lib girls with piercings in their septum and many tattoos

    • Fuck no, that stupid bull piercing needs to die. I've only seen one person pull it off and it was a guy. I don't mind tattoos, just make sure they don't cover your chest or impede my ability to admire your breasts.

  • Least desirable for long term, but easiest to have sex with.

    Their opinions are shit.

    • Really easy? Huh how so

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    • I should have rephrased it better- "do you know how to communicate with women?" Not talk. It doesn't sound like it your confused on how to flirt with them.

      Anecdote: I always play on empathy and validate their delusions when communicating.

    • I don’t flirt with them that much unless they show signs of attraction. If they don’t show signs, I just talk to them and move on

  • They're a disgrace.


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