She kissed me!! And now...?

Alright so I have been hanging out with this girl that I really like. We both have told each other we like one another, and we continued to talk after that. We talk for hours a day and we are excited to see each other. Last night we were talking and she asked me to pick her up for school early because she has something she has to do before classes start. So I pick her up and she said that we got their a bit too early so we waited in my car for it to get a bit closer to the start of school. We were talking and all of a sudden she just kissed me, on the lips, for several seconds, around 10-20. After that she got out of the car quick like and I walked her to her first class. We didn't say much about it at all. Throughout the day she started to what seems like avoid me. I usually can walk her to 4 of her 7 classes, and we meet at the same spots every time. She showed up to our little meeting type deal before her second class, but after that she didn't show up. I have the last class of the day with her and we sit together, but she didn't make eye contact and gave me the cold shoulder when I tried to talk to her. I walked her to her locker, which held no conversation because when I tried to start one with her she immediately found something to avoid our convo. When I was driving her home we talked a tiny bit, but not much. Usually when we get to her house we talk for a minute than she says she will text me or something along those lines, but today she hopped out and did a little jog type deal to her front door. She hasn't texted or responded to any of my texts. I really like her and I want to fix this but I honestly don't know what to do.

Turns out she was asked out by her ex today and she said yes. That explains the awkwardness.


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  • well, it doesn't seem that there is anything wrong with you . she clearly likes you or she wouldn't have kissed you. so give her some time to relax more around you again , keep trying to talk to her and if she keeps avoiding you then its time to talk to her about it and ask her what her problem is .

  • If you really want to no what now then just ask her but you also need to give her a bit of space if she's kind off shallow then just walk away and let her to do her own decision's...


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