She said she liked me but didn't know if she wanted to date me? [GIRLS] help a brotha out?

so me and this girl started getting very touchy and flirty the past week (high school). It went from hanging out after school and eventually lunch too. She eventually said she had a question for me on the Monday but later on that day (Friday) she face timed me and asked if i liked her. i said yes and told me that she used to like me too but pushed it away. I'm guessing it was because i liked another girl back then. She said she caught feelings for me again and that she doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want things to go bad and we won't be friends anymore and that she is going off to college soon and i have another year in highschool.

i told her that even if things go bad we'd still be friends but at this stage I don't know what to do.
She's super cute and innocent and im pretty sure that just about all the guys want to date her (no joke).

should we stop for both of our sakes? we will both be super busy with sport. i play football and she is going off to college for soccer and i doubt that we will see each other often.


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  • Aww she sounds like an awesome girl. ^w^
    I think you two have to figure it out. Talk to her. If both of you think that you can keep a stable relationship, then you can. This is merely an exercise of will and mental strength, after all.
    Keep in mind that it might not work out due to the time you will be separated and the fact that life might pull you apart.
    But yes, she sounds brilliant. If you both agree, go for it. :D


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  • No ride it tell the last day then don't have expectations.


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