Are dating sites worth it?

I've been on dating sites for 6 months now and have dated a few people but most of them have never progressed to anything but meeting up once. I'm not sure if I should keep at it or just cut my losses and come off them? What do you reckon?


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  • What brought you on them in the first place? I don't see dating sites as any different from any other meeting place, just the focus on the whole 'package' of a relationship shifts depending: try to have a car trip for several with someone and you'll know him/her much differently than spending a night in a bar or meeting accidentally someone in a mall or online..

    Meeting a right person takes for some longer than others - it comes down to sheer luck no matter the circumstance. So all you can do is use a maximum of ways to help your luck by using all channels possible. Dating sites are only one way, and in my opinion a good one: these days everyone is on the "social web" in one way or another..

    You may want to ask beforehand though what the guy wants in a relationship the end, you're talking about cutting your losses, but what did you lose really except time? (just asking..). And yes, I know quite some people who found one another online..

    • Thankyou you have made me think about it in a different light, I couldn't help thinking it's unnatural..?

    • Well it's not that unnatural, but keep in mind "online" stuff has a very strong "mental/mind" focus but at the same time very strict and limited as well.. Your imagination is filling in everything else about the online person (just like you'd fill in other 'gaps' about a person when meeting physically). Both online and physically met persons are still real..Online means your missing out on physical signals (which are more 'naturally' picked up by you) - but also vice versa. We are body and mind.

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  • Well my cousin met her husband through and they are really happy together. I've never used one but it worked out for her.

  • are you asking if the ones you have to pay for are worth it? if not, what have you lost?


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