How do you usually develop a crush?

I ask cause for me it usually goes as follows:

1.) I find them physically attractive.

2.) Get to know them, are they someone I actually like as a person.

3.) Liked them as a person and now it's crush zone or secured crush zone.

Now I have had instances where someone has swept me off my feet by being sweet and caused me to look at them differently than I did before but most cases it goes as listed.

Blah blah I'm a guy so visual creature. So I wonder how it usually works for girls?


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  • Well, pretty the same for me. Usually the first thing that will caught my eyes physically is the guy's nice pair of eyes or smile or both, so physical attraction. And then I talk to him, get to know him well, and found out he's one of the men who's sweet and nice, so I like him even more. Waiting and waiting (I don't know how to flirt). He's not making a move, so we're on a friendzone, or I am rather. Then I moved on from my crush zone. Then he confessed he has a crush on me but I already moved on from the crush zone stage, back to friendzone. The End.

    • Lol I feel like I'm that guy who initiates too late..
      What makes it too late would you say for guy to get you to reconsider?

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    • Hahahaha. True. Like you both have feelings for each other but no one makes a move. Until time passed by and the feelings fade away. Just 'what ifs' in mind.

    • Exactly. Like anyone needs more 'what ifs' in their lives.

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  • I don't. But there's lots of emotions I'm supposed to have that I don't.


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  • In my opinion girls develop a crush much more faster than guys. Loike since day one

    • I guess I'm the exception and constantly developing and going through crushes lol...

  • Pretty much the same for me.


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