What do you think about guys who hang out by themselves?

Lately there has been a lot of things going on in my life with friends, family, etc. I feel as if I'm just another puppet in society and keeping the status quo. So because of that, I have decided to try things that I normally wouldn't do. For example, I went out tonight and just had a nice drink of tea at a local coffee shop patio. There were people walking by looking at me because I sat at a table by myself just staring into the full moon sky and stars. Then later I laid on a public bench and just relax there. I'm just out of personal curiosity, what would you think if you saw someone doing that? Would you avoid or approach this type of person?


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  • I actually think it's really cool I have to say. I really respect it in a person who doesn't feel the need to have people around them in order to validate themselves. Just because you are on your own doens't mean people don't like you or whatever - just means you like yourself and are comfortable enough in your own company. It's great. And most people out there are insecure in some way about this and think people like this are weird. I don't. It does border on loner at a point - but all in all I think it's just someone who either doesn't need people around them all the time to feel worthy or else just likes having the company of a select one or two special close people in their lives. This is enough afterall.

    • I agree. I don't need a crowd of pretenders nor acquaintances. All I need in my life is me, my family, and a few very close friends. I can basically forget the world. But I can't help but to wonder if I continue to live life this way, I will ever find someone like me. It's just that most people my age tend to be the opposite of where I'm heading. People try to be the all out going, extraverted, crowd pleasing type. It's just not my style.

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  • i do that sometimes too

    sometimes I just like to hangout with myself, lately I found out that myself isn't that bad to hang out with, shop with or even try new food with.

    i mean I go out with my frnds on dates and everything yet I like to have my own time from time to time because its just relaxing so I find that quite awesome

    as for me if I see a guy like you yea I think I would approach you have a good convo and all

    p.s. if you really cared about what everyone says about you, you would b surprised that people talk about you no matter what you do or act like [=

    • Good to hear that there are girls out there who's not afraid of doing things on their own...the ones that annoy me most are the ones who always have to have people around. it's actually a turn on for me to see a girl eating alone at a restaurant(it's funky but it takes guts) and I'm not surprised about what others think..im just curious about how or what they think

    • Haha yea as I told you sometimes yourself is not too bad to hangout with

      and yea sometimes I'm this girl sitting alone I'm not afraid to b on my own because that's how it should work

      i know sometimes I gotta surround myself with people I love and who also loves me back but sometimes I just need this space you know being able to have fun by meself, because what if I end up alone then I would b nothing??

  • People really don't care they're all just thinking about other things, right?, I'm glad that your out there doing out of the ordinary stuff though, keep it up. I would approach you only if I was alone too maybe getting cofee, and you seemed lonely. But other than that it would seem weird for me to walk up to a guy like that?

    question: would you want a girl to walk up to you?

    • Ya.. although I have some close friends and a good family, I was feeling pretty lonely that nite. I was just star gazing and catching the breeze by myself. the funny thing was there was someone who took a seat behind me, and I didn't bother to see who it was. well it turns out to be some girl. she sat there for a while, by herself, I guess she wanted to talk? perhaps. but yea, I don't mind if a girl approach me like that..i wouldn't think any less of her. if she'd said something, we'd go on

    • Ahhhh, you had your version of a drawing lady I see. Ehhh, see my comment below, lol.

  • Sounds like my kind of person, to be honest! Sometimes I feel I would rather sit and watch the world go by than have to deal with expectations and disappointments. I like going to movies, restaurants, parks, etc by myself. I think it's really relaxing. It's a nice change of pace to be alone with your thoughts.

    A lot of people don't understand silence and solitude, but don't worry, there are plenty who know where you're coming from. :)

  • Personally, I don't think that there is anything wrong with it. I do things like that all the time. =D


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  • Nothing wrong with that at all! When you hang out by yourself, you open yourself up to different people walking around you(if and when you decide too).

    You can actually stop to smell the roses also as they say, you'll notice different things in your surroundings, eavesdrop(hey it can be fun, sometimes people talk REAL LOUD).

    I don't think its a great way to have a mate approach you BUT it can happen! Never happened to me but once I saw this lady drawing, seemed as if she was drawing me, she just plunked herself down on the grass about 50 feet from me under a tree and was facing me. No one else around and she kept looking up and looked back down to draw. Now I don't have a romantic story to tell but if I could go back in time (I was much younger then) I would have stuck around longer and maybe waved and said hello. Who knows what could have happened.

    Eh I guess I am telling you this so you'll be on the lookout for the drawing lady, maybe you'll find her and you'll get to be the one who approaches.

    • Great story.,.....

    • That sounds like an interesting story. if I'm following correctly, you wanted to say something to that lady but hessitated back then right? if this happened now, you would do something? yaa.. this happened to me many times before too. I had so many chances to get to know girls but were a bit shy. anyhow, I don't think I have to worry about the drawing lady since I live in los angeles hehe but keep my head up for other similar situations.