I don't date so why don't guys get the picture?

How come when you don't date people go after you that much more? does it have something to do with trying to get something you can't have?


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  • That's what I wonder. I don't date either and I get pestered a fair share of my time. And I am not saying this to be arrogant like I can get any girl. I have empathy for you. I do very much think show that people go after what they can't have. I actually had a question about this and some people thought it was extremely attractive that you where reserved for whatever reason.

    I find myself avoiding quite a few girls not because they are bad girls but because they have an infatuation over me. Talking to them would just add fuel to the fire. And the bigger this fire is the easier it is to get burned. I don't want anybody to get hurt I just want to be normal. But it is good to have patience. I don't know it is for girls to guys but for me to girls I just in general have a lot more tolerance and patience for girls then I do guys.

    If you ask to have a one on one with them in private And people absolutly serious with all their attention ask them to respect you your beliefs and your space things usually go smoothly from there on for me.

    Hope this helps.



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