Girls get bored of me?

Seems like no matter what I do or how interesting I first come off as it seems like girls just get bored of talking to me, my ex got bored of me, before that every girl I tried to date got bored of me, after that every girl got bored of me, I met a new one recently and we really hit it off we videochatted and have been talking every day for a month all day but this week she's been acting distant and from past experience I know she's just gotten bored of me. I don't know what to even do anymore


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  • I know what you mean. But have change your perspective. First thing is to stop being super nice or submissive you haven’t mentioned you do this but am pretty sure you do based on the output. Women now days don’t inky want a boyfriend they want a side act as well. If your a nice normal guy that’s boring for them. Finding a girl that appreicates that is nearly impossible these days. All you need to do is keep her entertained it’s not hard. A lot of females crave that drama & spontaneous bs stuff. It’s simple try a little bit of everything and see what’s sticks. Try practical humor (she might get pissed at this puts not boring). Try taking them out to places you have never gone to yourself and have shared experiences. Also try saying some stupid stuff from time to time to get her riled up. Also don’t forget to not call or text them for a 3-5 days (since you call them and talk everyday this gets stale and boring) ignoring her for a certain amount of time will drove her nuts. It’s not difficult to entertain women it’s a matter of being different and spicing up life good or bad.


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  • Make yourself more exciting. Start new hobbies, get a new cool haircut, and stuff like that. Don't always talk about boring topics like weather and school. Say random stuff what suprises the girl. Don't compliment her too much. Don't be too nice to her.

    • They always say a lot of compliments are fine but I guess not

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  • just find new girl


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