I'm not sure if im gay, straight, or bi?

I'm a man well a yong man in the making if you know what I mean lol. Ok all jokes to the side, im not sure if im straight, gay, or bi. Because I've been getting excited (erections) ween next to certain a. Boy and girl so can i get some help from some straight gay lesbian and bisexual people it'll help a lot.


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  • I'd identify as hetro, but i've had moments of questioning myself.
    Right now your hormones are rather high as your maturing, I'm sure your being turned all by all kinds of things. It dosen't necessarily mean anything, could just be a phase. Is it just one boy your attracted to or have you noticed it with others, same with the girl?
    End of the day don't get too hung up about a label. Depending where you live in the 21st century attitudes are more open about sexuality. Just go with the flow and have fun, irrespective on the person's gender, just enjoy being with the person


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  • No one can decide your sexuality for you. It's something very personal. But if you've ever felt attracted to a guy, I would think about it if I were you. I don't mean just finding someone pretty, rather actually seeing yourself dating another dude.
    I've also heard that you guys get boners pretty randomly so I wouldn't take that as a sign, but then again I'm not a boy so I don't know. Take your time to figure it out though.


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