Did this girl just lose interest in me?

We go to the same college and been talking for like months. Im an American and she moved to the states from Peru 2 years ago. So maybe the fact that she's from a different culture plays a part?

Whenever we hung out we got along great. We were always going out and messing around. Throughout the semester we saw each other like 2-3 times a week. We always went out to lunches, dinners, and bars etc. whenever we were out shell always be all over me. Like holding my hand while we eat, resting her head on me, and playing with my hair. She told me she liked me to my face several times.

The thing we talked about early on what this was and we kind of agreed on friends with benefits. But the more and more we hung out the more it was obvious, at least to me, that we were more. Like we didn't hook up everytime we hung out. We went food shopping together once a week, and just really genuinely enjoyed each others company.

she's not so good at communicating. So I dont know what the future holds for us. She just left for a month to study abroad and things were kind of awkward saying goodbye before she left because I told her there's a chance Ill be moving back to my home state for good which is 1000 miles away. I really like this girl. And before she left i told her again i liked her and that ill miss her, she told me she liked me too and that shell miss me a lot and not to forget about her. Im afraid to ask her out officialy because i feel shell say no. Even though she told me liked me I feel she doesn't see me as her official boyfriend.


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  • Well since your home state is some 1000 miles away from where you two are hanging out and she has come from another country also, i think that this long distance is what really screwed you in this situation. Unless she us willing to move on with you to your home state with you, the relationship would be complicated because you two would be very distant from each other, so you would have aminimum personal contact, and i think she is wanting to have more face to face and even sexual encounters with a possible boyfriend, so i think that you communicating her from your intention of returning to your home state has really ruined it for you, sadly, but i have tried a long distance relationship like that before and it didnĀ“t go that well because of the lack of face to face contact, which was minimal, its better that you two part ways if you are going to return to your home state, just get over it and thank her for the good time you two had together.


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