Real-life-compadres... How important is friendship to you when it concerns a romantic relationship? Also, what quality/attribute that's imperative?

Place friendship in the ability 2 have fun doing pretty much anything because of chemistry that you need to enjoy in a relationship. If I'm going to date someone it is extremely important that we have the kind of chemistry where we could be strictly platonic friends and still have a blast hanging out with each other.


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  • You need to be friends first and lovers second if you want any longevity in a relationship.

  • In my experience, being friends first really just makes things better for if you break up or just for how comfortable the relationship is. That's why I think the whole "hanging out" before dating can be a really good thing. You are deciding if this person can be more than a friend or not. Friendship is a really valuable thing. Otherwise everything is just... OFF.


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