How do I get over an anxious and awkward barrier with a girl I want to ask out?

Till recently she seemed fairly relaxed with me. Now I see a huge difference in her body language when her friends come over.

I go over to her and say hi. Often complimenting her. Our chats kind of die out though. In the halls we smile and say hi.

Till recently her sister was also relaxed around me now she kind of also seems shy.

The only thing I can think of to make her sis shy when she was so friendly before is my ex spreading her twisted lies about me again.


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  • It does sound like your ex got to at a least the sister. As for the girl well. You need to show her you like her and just ask her out. No more of this waiting for her to get comfy with you.
    You need to show her that your sure you like her.
    Now she might just be nervous not knowing you or your ex flooded her mind with lies so she is more nervous.


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  • You may find things better if you sort out the lies situation...

    • How can I I'm not sure what she said or if she specifically specificallysaid something to them. I tried talking to my crazy ex and she said that I can't smother the truth and she won't keep quiet. She joined me too after we broke up. The worst I did was accept her putting my hand between her pants and on her breasts. Little did I know she would get horny and flip out.
      #stupid mistakes

  • Just go for it


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