Good guy in disguise?

My boyfriend is the total package, he's a country guy and is from a small town. He drives an hour to see me, pays for my meals, walks to the door to get me, keeps the convo going, is pretty shy (not really anymore) Supports me whenever I'm down (especially while bowling, cause I keep getting gutter balls? But there's a couple of things that bother me, he was telling me that he feels bad about hunting deer, and such. But he almost threw a rock at a bird when we were on a hike he said "Will you give me 10 dollars if I hit this bird" And I told him no not to do it. He threw the rock but it didn't hit the bird, and he was saying how he feeds the barn cats and he picks them up by the tails and threw them? He has a dog (farm dog) who he always brings food too, but is this just a guy thing? He is so sweet to his family, always puts them first. He does have a little of a temper to him. He hunts and fishes. He carries a pocket knife with him cause he says "you'll never know when you need it for self defense
He was raised in a small town. Has a full time job and farms. He has a good relationship with his friends, and his family. He does get stoned quite often. But is this something I should worry about?
He hasn't pressured me into sex either, it took us 2 months to even kiss.
He even asked me if it was okay.


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  • He sounds great, but if you're super animal sensitive stop wasting both of your time

    • so u dont think its anything to worry about?

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    • Oh yeah I agree, oh it is? Whys that?

    • I don't know, it just is

  • Temper issues and doing this to animals... not a good combo. It might refer to or develop into control issues (wanting to control and to be dominant).

    • Yeah.. Do you think I should break it off?

    • I do not have good experience with this type of people. They're often two faced - well behaved in family, but channel their need for control in other ways (animals or "weaker" people for example - because they were controlled at home). They tend to change faces after assured control of their significant other (for example after marriage). Also, they often have perfect public mask (hard workers, capable, reliable)... that kind that others would describe as a "good man". Half of men in my family tree are like this. Not a good thing.
      Good luck :)

    • Yeah but not all of them are like this

  • These are serious red flags, but what we tend to do when into someone is rationalize them away. I also noticed this comment '' And throwing rocks at animals is definitely a guy thing ''Not in my world it isn't, no even when I was a kid.

    No one is perfect but there are some major contrasts here which I see as warning signs. It's likely your intuition is also telling you something as well.

    You started off well, but it went downhill... ''My boyfriend is the total package''

    He's not... so I'd suggest you start being honest with yourself and keep an eye on this.


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