Should guys who have no luck avoid girls all together?

I was a weirdo with girls back then so ever Since then I swore I would never try to again I had no knowledge about them so I was lost I just avoid them now witch Was the smartest thing I ever done so I avoid all the name calling and going to jail for accidentally making eye contact or even walking past a them my life has been alott better any guy reading this if they don’t have luck with them avoid all contact like they have a deadly sickness or something it’s better for your life and no stress.


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  • Avoid them like a deadly sickness... so you're still making them control your life, you're just being all special about it?

    • It was a question not a conversation starter thanks for your response and have a blessed day.

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    • For example, you enter a room, and there's a bunch of girls on one side. You're saying you go to the other side of the room to avoid them. You still decide how to behave on account of those girls. You still let them negatively affect you.
      I'm saying you just cross the room however you please, regardless of the girls being there or not. Don't let them influence you one way or another.

    • We’re both right if you understand what I mean by that but good response we both kinda wrong and kinda right or is it just me kinda wrong either way good answer thank you for your thoughts have a blessed day.

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