What's up with her?

So this girl i was seeing for awhile, started out really nice and then was just always rude to me and i always felt scolded by her if i joked with her or asked her thing's about herself & would tell me she doesn't think we have anything in common or any chemistry. When their was a lot of things we had in common, and if their was no chemistry i can't see why'd she would always want me to hold her hand in public, Kiss me all the time and cuddle with me, I called her out on it and said fuck it theirs no point, you just keep shitting on me. She swears it was all jokes and im tripping. So i quit talking to her and She shrugged it off like it was nothing but whenever i post stuff on snapchat she is always the first to view it, and she always post with my favorite beer she never drank before right after i posted with it. It doesn't make any sense.


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  • Bitches be crazy, amiright?

    • BRUH fr lol should i just continue to not talk to her?

    • Damn, that's a hard question. On one other hand even I want closure on what happened! But on the other hand, maybe you two aren't compatible if you don't like the way she treats you? Unless it's a huge misunderstanding?

      If I were you I might drop a text if I still felt strongly about her. Otherwise, if I didn't like her anymore or felt her treatment towards me wasn't anything short of amazing, I'd leave it.

      I hope I could help. Keep me updated bud!

    • Nah she's just immature and imma leave it at that, she done to many things thats a red flag.

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