How can I break it off?

Alright let me tell you some stuff before I get to what I am saying, so my boyfriend drives an hour to see me, pays for me on whatever we do, supports me in my decisions, holds the doors open for me, walks up to the house to get me.
But he is a huge redneck country guy, and he told me he picks up cats by the tails and tosses them. We went out on a trail one time and he almost threw a rock at a bird. Is this break up worthy? He told me he has a bad temper.


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  • If your values do not match up with his then you shouldn't be with someone like him. No matter how nice someone may seem there's another side you definitely would not want to see based off of him ssying he has a temper.

    • So you think that was just a guy thing he did?

    • No. Its a "him" thing he did. Meaning thats the type of person he is not speaking for all guys at all. there's other guys out there that youd probably have more in common with and not question if you want to be with them or not

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  • I’d be worried about him throwing rocks at you next :(

    • Yeah, I know.. I thought he was a good guy too. It's scary how people turn out differently than you imagined..

    • I don't think I will ever find anybody else, I won't ever find that good guy.

    • I am more than sure you’ll find a guy who’s even better :)

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  • Woah woah rodeo. If this guy is serious about throwing cats? and a bad temper, runnnnnnnn! Seriously run.

  • Anything you deem as break up worthy, is break up worthy. However, his treatment of everyone, including animals does tell you a lot about a person.

    • Very true, how do I tell him?

    • Before you decide how to tell him, you need to examine whether what you just told us here is the real reason. Often the real reasons for a break up are buried much deeper and people come up with other reasons that are more on the surface.

      You need to consider the temper and whether there is any concern about repercussions. I'm not sure yet, I need to get in touch with the intuition for that one.

    • Theother thing is we don't see each other, ever! We see each other once a week if that, so I never get to see that other side of him. and I need to see it to make up my mind if I wanna be with him.

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