Is she mad or her acts mean something?

There is this girl i meet during the event at University. She gave a smile and then we had a chat. This is how we meet. During that event we were together be it lunch dinner etc. We spent whole night togher roaming around. During that once she hold my hand like girlfriend boyfriend does while walking. After that event. She called me to meet but i wasn't free. She called next day again but same i want free. After few days we found each other at a store. She asked for her pics of event. I didn't had those that day. After few days i called her for pics. And she had deleted my number. Next time again she meet at a shop unexpectedly and we had kinda small fight. After that she ignored me for sometime. Then i was at this place drinking and she came and waved a Hi. To add she is kind of extrovert.


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  • Mate, you said her No 3 times, when she was fully expecting a YES.

    Being an extro that she is, she definitely had big expectations from you. But you, you've crushed them all. So now she's hurt.

    So, she out of anger deleted your number, although she likely had feelings for you. But at that moment anger dominated her other feelings and therefore, she deleted your number and had a fight with you.

    Once her senses kicked in, her true feelings for you blossomed and she wanted to RESTART your relationship. So she waved hi.

    This tells you that, the girl is slightly out of control. Her feelings dominate her Mind.

    So in the future when she sees someone hotter than you, although she loves you, out of anger she might bang him, just to make you feel sad. So, I say as a Human being, it is your divine duty to help her become a better person.

    • One more thing, after her changed behaviour when i asked her that has anyone told you anything about me she replied i m your friend and that enough

    • Dealing with these kinds of people can teach you a lot in life.

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