She hasn’t been in touch since our date?

I thought the date went quite well. She actually extended it beyond what we’d originally planned, which I thought was a good sign.

She asked if I could text her when I got home, which I did, but that’s the last I’ve heard from her.

Also, she said during the date that every time she hears this one song, she thinks about me...

Does she expect me to get in touch?

Should I tell that I had a great time or something?

Should I be worried?


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  • Either she was honest about her time with you or ghosted thinking you two don't match up. If you do have her phone number, why not text her that you had a great time and that you hope to meet up with her again for another occasion? Depending on what you hear or don't hear will determine if she's interested in you or not. I actually wondered how long it's been since your date with her?

    • Well our date was Saturday night. So she hasn’t texted in 2 days.

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    • Well I kind of thought she would send me a text saying how she liked the date or whatever... I dunno... I really like her, but she confuses me.

    • Why not receive that closure by messaging her? You're not being rude by making the first move and who knows if you both are thinking the same thing with holding off the texts till someone goes first.

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