Why did he suddenly ask me these questions?

So there's this guy that I met at university and started dating for few months
This was 4 years ago
But he does still contact me once in a while asking how I am and hows work and all
But today, our conversation was different:
Him - hey
Me - hey
Him - hows it going?
Me - good you?
Him - yeah good. Why u up late?
Me - coz can't sleep. Wbu?
Him - yeh same. Whats keeping u up late?
Me - I don't know lol
Him - lol ok. Hey can i ask u something?
Me - yeah?
Him - when we were seeing each other, did u want to date me?
Me - yeah back then I did lol. Why? Did u?
Him - lol just curious. And yes i did
Me - ohokay
Him - be honest, what did u hate about dating me?
Me - well.. we used to always do the same things and we only saw each other on days when we have classes
Him - oh my fault lol. But you shouldve told me.
Me - lol back then i didn't want to scare you off 😂
Him - nah i wouldn't have been. I liked you a lot
Me - aww ok lol
Him - yeah lol. So have u met anyone? Dating anyone?
Me - yeah i am
Him - oh thats great !
Me - yeah wbu?
Him - nah im better off single lol
Me - haha why?
Him - I don't know lol
And then I didn't reply
And then he didn't try to continue the conversation again

Why did he ask me all those questions?
Is it coz he wanted to try and date me again?
Or just random questions?
And he stopped trying to continue the conversation like before he did
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  • Nah he was just curious
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  • yes he still loves you


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