How do I turn from a working partner to a boyfriend?

We have been very close this month, and I really want to take the next step with her.

We are both 17, just finished the entrance test and having long holiday. As the graduation dinner is almost there, and my crush would like to help preparating the dinner, I decided to make an excuse to be with her by working with her.
And now we see each other pretty often. We often attend meetings and discuss stuffs. However, as I want more, I sometimes talk about other things, and I even asked her out for a lunch before the meeting starts.

Two events happened on different days...

First, the meeting ended and we were all leaving. Instead of following the members, I decided to walk another away. She followed me and we talked stuffs about other things.

Second, on the next meeting, I asked her out to have lunch before meeting. She kind of accept it, but by telling me to discuss the dinner before the meeting. What frustrated me is that she had lunch before she arrived, while I expected to have lunch with her. My friend told me she either avoided it, or my intention is too subtle.

So, now I want to be not just working partners. She knew I liked her, and I will continue persuing her. Is there any way to progress instead of staying like this?


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  • Ask her to watch the new Deadpool movie


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