Is it ok or not?

Long story short!

I was together with my ex-girlfriend for almost 2 years. We were doing great together and everything was going good. But everything changed.

She went to a party with her friends which I said that I can't come to so that I can surprise her there later. When I arrived to the party, I looked everywhere but I could not find her. Her friends tried to distract me a lot and then I knew something was wrong. I went to the only room which I hadn't checked becuase it was locked. I forced the door open and saw her on top of a guy. I was shocked, sad and disappointed, I don't know how to describe the horrible feeling.

Anyway, I just smiled at her because words didn't come out of my mouth no matter how hard I tried. She looked at me and started to cry and used excuse after excuse. One example is, I was too drunk, another was, he forced me. Anyway, I ignored her although she tried her hardest talking to me and only told her that I need a brake to forget this. She agreed after realising that talking to me at this point is to no use.

After 1 month, I actually forgave her. But the same thing repeated it self 2 month later!

In that party, I started drinking a bit to drown my sorrow but in the end, it did not help. I spent the rest of the party with my friends and try to forget. Before the party ended, I meet her best friend and we talked a lot. Surprisingly enough, we clicked really good! We spent the night talking and got to know each other better.

I broke up with my ex 3 days after because I thought that she doesn't deserv a second chance.

Anyway, I started meeting her best friend more often and everything went smooth. I got together with her and we've now been together for 1 month.

I haven't seen my ex since then, her other friends have tried to convince me to forgive her but i've disagreed everytime they asked and told them that she doesn't deserv a second chance. was I to hard against her?

(Sorry for the bad spelling here and there)


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  • She cheated on your multiple times and tried to put the blame on someone else. Those are not the actions of a committed adult. You're better off without her.


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