Guys, if you liked me back, how would you answer to this?

Hey. What's going on between us? It seems as if ever since we admitted to liking each other, nothing's really happened. Not trying to put a label on things, just want to know your stance of this. Where did you see this going (if you saw this going somewhere), once I told you? If you didn't, it's fine, I just want to know if this is heading somewhere. [thumbs up emoji]


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  • Yes, just be wary because some guys aren't the best at discussing their feelings

    • Alright. What do i do then?

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    • Didn't check yet. Will go see

    • Okay πŸ‘

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  • because it’s so straight forward i would defiantly answer.

  • I agree with the "[thumbs up emoji]"

    • Anything else? How would you react? What would you say?

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    • do something.
      don't overthink,
      you know what to do,
      I don't know, you do!
      there's no right/wrong.
      You do right, it can go wrong,
      if you do wrong, it will go right
      do something because whatever it is,
      you will learn from it (if you got the answer yourself)

      I do right and it turns out wrong.
      Only after it's done, is when I learn,
      I never have the same problem twice
      Do something, whatever you feel is right.

      my head hurts i don't blame you lol

    • @ENTP_EMO O go with my gut and do what I think is right from now on? Greeeat.

  • You're trying to force something that isn't there.

    • We like each other, that's been said. But explain.

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    • Focus on school.

    • Lol yes, I completely agree and I do. But please. I sent the message yesterday and haven't checked to see. I haven't dated anyone before, so I'm new to this. I just need a bit of insight.

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