Is abortion murder or a right to choose?

Abortion is a hotly debated issue and I am curious to know what our generation thinks of it (most of the people on this website are younger). I read that during the bush administration abortion rates actually went down.

I personally think it's murder and should be outlawed excepted in cases of rape or mother's health. I don't understand why a woman can't put their newborn up for adoption when there are so many willing foster parents.

Of course I'm not a woman, so I'm biased. But I've heard church pastors talk after time many women who choose abortion regret what they did.

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sorry about the typo folks. Option one should be "yes it is murder".
Just remember this pro choice people out there. Somebody could have "chosen" to abort you. If you were in your mother's womb and she was debating abortion would you tell her "oh you have right to choose"?


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  • I've tried to have an intelligent debate about this countless times on this site and elsewhere, and it really seems futile to me, so I'm not going to get into whether it's "right" or "wrong", instead, I just have one comment to make:

    "But I've heard church pastors talk after time many women who choose abortion regret what they did."

    People regret decisions they make all the time. Two people might make the same decision about something and one might regret it and the other might not. Your pastor might tell you about women who regret getting an abortion, but there's probably countless others who don't regret making that decision. I guess my point is, just because someone might regret the choice they make about something does not mean that they should not be allowed to make that choice. With rights come responsibility. Most big decisions that a person makes potentially has good outcomes and bad outcomes---we try, or at least should try, to make those decisions as best we can, based on our knowledge, understanding, personal beliefs, and knowing the possible pros and cons, and possible outcomes.

    If you believe that abortion is murder, I'm not going to change that belief. But if you believe that women should not have the choice to have an abortion because many women regret getting abortions (which I'm assuming you do believe, because otherwise, why would you write that?), that's a very poor argument.


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  • It's my life to choose whether I am ready to bring up a child. If I misjudged my tides and I did become preggo, then it's my choice to keep, or dispose of, the fetus. Just because joemoe doesn't like abortion, doesn't mean my life should be affected by his opinion. That's the thing about giving up for adoption. Do you know how many people there are on this Earth? Do we really need more people being born? We kill tons of cows, sheep, bison, chickens, turkeys, what have you, and we need more human life? Plus, the first heartbeat is between 3-4 weeks, and, if you're aware of your body and keep up on your tides, you should know when you're preggers and when to get the abortion, if you keep the heartbeat factor in mind. There's no excuse. I know my cycle like the back of my hand. Honestly, if my mother would have given me up because she was in a terrible situation which will not only put stress on her, but stress on me, I wouldn't feel bad. If there are, indeed, souls, then my soul would have moved on somewhere else. The only reason why life exists today is because of death.

  • Uhh.. If someone chose to abort me, I wouldn't know about it and thus, I wouldn't be able to care? *blink*

    • Yes, but you would never exist. You would be denied your chance to live.

    • Yeah.. and I wouldn't know the difference, and so I wouldn't care.

  • I think abortion is wrong and evil and the people who are for them and get them are the worst horrible disgusting putrid scum of the Earth. I hate when people try to make it about the baby, unless the child has a decease like Ta sacks or ADL where they will die a slow painful death there is no reason to consider an abortion, even then it would be something to really think about. To the woman who say they have a right to their body and reproductive freedom, what about the babies right to live. The baby should not have to die just because you slept around and did not know how to use a condom. Even if the case of rape, the baby did not rape you and should therefore not have to suffer. Adoption is always an option. To the men who say they would want and make their girlfriend have an abortion because you don't want to have a kid, or your not ready for a kid, then you should do something to make sure she is not in a position to get pregnant. Adoption is always an option, because their are so many families out there who would want and love a wonderful gift of a baby and be able to treat it right, that their is never a need for an abortion other than being evil cruel and selfish. If you do not want a kid close your legs, and tie your tubes. And yes a fetus is a living thing, it can cry kick move have hair and finger nails, and even hear sounds. Even when it is just a little tiny cell by definition of living things it is alive, and thereby by making it not alive you are committing an horrible act of murder on an innocent baby. Why do you think they have special doctors and pills and precautions that to you have to take when you are pregnant? To protect the baby, because it is a fragile but living none the less being. It is a person, but not just a person, your child, you have a duty as it mother to protect it for 9 months and then keep it or give it up for adoption to a loving family. So even if you home life and situation would not provide for a safe and happy environment for a baby, you can give it up, and give it to a stable loving an caring family that you can meet and interview and choose prior to having the baby to ensure that it will have the best possible start, an then you could never hear from the baby again. Or your could have an open adoption and still be apart of your child's life even if you can't be the mother in the most common sense. You mother chose to allow you to live and grow, even if she was a horrible mother, she did that much, so you owe it to her, to pass on the gift of life. Say all of this to say there is never EVER a reason to have an abortion. Oh, if someone kills a pregnant woman they get charged with double homicide , why? Because the baby is alive, and so if you have an abortion you have no excuse, no reason, and your are just horrible, evil, vile, cruel, sadistic, monstrous being who dose not deserve to walk this earth because if you can kill not only a baby but a child you do not deserve to go on your merry way slut!

  • Your choices kinda confuse me. Yes, it's a murder but it's a woman's right to choose, or No it's not a murder and the women should have the right to choose. I personally go with neither.

    I believe it's a murder, and I don't believe a woman should have the right to choose, unless it's

    a rape or a health risk.

    Abortion is not a form of birth control.

    • Totally agree with you. if you don't want to get prego then don't put the penis in your vag. make the choice to not have sex that is the only choice you have the right too

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    • @Eddy Metal was that supposed to answer my question? because if yes I didn't get it.I mean I get what you say of course, I think if you're willing to be abstinent until you want kids, I think you have the right to say amother should not have the right to chose,all the other don't, but how does that relate to my question? Again if you say abortion is murder, then so it is if she got raped, it's still killing then. If you say the baby is a human being with right, then it has the right to live,

    • Regardless of how it got convieved

  • A.

  • Abortion is MURDER!

  • I am pro-life except for in extreme cases. A lot of people think the only options when they become pregnant are keeping it and abortion when it's just not that. I hear the excuse all the time "but there already too many kids in adoption!" um, yeah, that is because they came into the agency as KIDS. Nobody wants to adopt a kid with memories that knows that it's being adopted, people want infants and toddlers that don't remember where they came from. Infants get adopted easily especially if they are placed before birth.

    I also hear "the world is already over populated" depends on where you go, some places are over populated some are not. It also really depends on your definition of overpopulated. The world has space for billions of more people, excluding mountains and places that physically cannot be lived in. Abortion is not murder by legal terms, but by definition you are ending a life by another's hands.

    We are living the moment we are a cell. In the womb, we develop brain activity by week 6 and nerve cells by week 9. It is a common misconception that we don't develop nervous systems until week 20 but that is untrue, that is when are system is maturing and finishing development, not starting. Most women find out they are pregnant between weeks 5-8, most abortions are preformed between weeks 6-9. So, you can call the fetus anything you want but facts are, when most abortions are preformed the life you are taking away can feel every moment of it wasting away.

    A lot of people who get abortions get them for poor reasons. Rape, incest, and the mother not being able to carry to full term are the rare conditions when abortions are preformed, most are for other reasons. A lot of girls don't want their reputations tarnished, don't want to keep a baby, don't want to be embarrassed by the public, and think the baby would be better off dead then given a chance at life. If you have enough backbone to have sex, you should have enough backbone to deal with the consequences that come from having sex. Over 88% of women who become pregnant are able to carry to full term and give birth without any complications (including miscarriage, pre-mature birth, low birth weight etc.).

    A very popular argument by the pro choice side is "you can't tell a woman what to do with her body!". If you watch some abortion videos, you can see the fetus exercising the only right it has: The choice of trying to flee the abortionists tools. There are actually videos out there showing the fetus trying to save it's own life by swimming away, trying to preserve it's life unsuccessfully. Would that not be considered a form of desperate non-verbal communication that it wants to live, even if it is by instinct and not by conscious choice? I don't know, but I feel that if we get to a point where we are trying to preserve our life, shouldn't we be given rights then?

  • 'I don't understand why a woman can't put their newborn up for adoption' well I've never been pregnant but I think it's kinda obvious. First off, even if you give your baby up you're still pregnant for nine months which comes with certain complications. And the fact that a lot of those women are alone, do not know the babys daddy or he doesn't care, doesn't exactly make it better.

    So you got a new life growing in your belly, you can feel it, see it and of course you get attached to it. You're evolutionally programmed to love your offspring, so having a baby in you for months, going through hours of labour and growing to love that thing, doesn't make giving it away very easy. Did you find any statistics that show how many mothers change their mind after giving birth? Plus, you know that your son or daughter is somewhere (hopefully having a loving parents) and eventually you want to see her/him again course like I said, after all it's your child and you love it and I can imagine that tears you apart from the inside.

    I don't think it's murder, murder is ending a life but you can't end life before it started. I would disagree with getting an abortion if you're eight months pregnant, but up to a certain point it's only cells your're removing.The baby doesn't mind, it doesn't feel any pain, it isn't concious.

    Another way to see it, that it is in your body and obviously you can decide what you want to do with your body, though I wouldn't totally agree with that.

    'I've heard church pastors talk after time many women who choose abortion regret what they did.' I bet many do, but kee in mind that church pastors have a certain point of view already and thus have a point in stating sth like that. selfishstars has said everything else.

    I think it should be a mothers choice, simply because it's gonna change her life all over, no matter what she decides to do and again, the baby does not care.

    In the end I think the best thing to do is what's best for the baby, and in many cases where women get pregnant unwanted, the best would be not being bor at all, than being born in a broken home

    • "you can't end life before it started"

      LMAO. That's funny. Fetuses ARE alive.

    • @Eddy:Idiot, you know what I mean. It might be alive, so are bacteria, like I said removing that's fully grown and able to live on its own, is murder, but up to a certain point you're only removing cells, even though they might be alive, they are not concious, they don't feel anything and that's the point.

      @QA: to your update: absolutley. If she chose to abort I wouldn't care, because I wouldn't be here.

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  • Abortion is not a right to choose. However there does exist a right to choose abortion. Haha.

    I don't see it as Murder. Murder is the ending of another life. And I mean, we can all pretty much agree that your life starts from when your born. I mean, you can go into scientific bullsh*t, but your not experiencing life in the womb. Not as we know it anyway. You certainly don't remember it at the very least. An aborted fetes won't weep for times lost if he gains consciousness in some kinda afterlife, or whatever. I don't believe the unborn are even sentient, really. You don't know to be sentient. You aren't kicking about for 9 months, going 'I am so f***ing boreeeeed. And to be quite honest, its just a little bit too cosy in here for my liking.'

    Its the prevention of a life that could have been. And he could have been an asshole, so f*** it. People seem to think I'll care about it. I really, really, really, really don't care. I used to think I did, so I decided that I was sort-of pro-choice, but I've realized now, no. I don't care at all. Hahahaha.

    Also, an alternative thesis, presented by Bachelorette Frog;


    During Abortion

    I think about 1 person at most will get that reference, hahaha, and they probably won't see it, LOL.

    • So sentience dictates whether or not you can be killed? Then I should go on a toddler killing spree. Since they aren't sentient they don't matter :P

    • Toddlers are though? Dumbassssss. People say animals aren't, thus, BEEF. You know what I mean? I think they are though. But I mean, vegetables aren't. No one says 'Save the carrots'. I mean, its the whole 'I think therefor I am' bullsh*t, although, that wasn't really what he meant, its still an existing philosophy. Foetuses cannot perceive, thus, are not. Thus, squash their face with metal pliers, or whatever they do.

  • Your argument in the update makes no sense. Do you think that people should have as many kids as humanly possible? If everyone had as many kids as possible, I guarantee you that all of those kids will be thankful that they are alive, but that doesn't mean that everyone should be forced to have as many kids as they can. What if your parents decided not to have kids? Would you go back and tell your parents "Its not your choice if you want kids" because otherwise you would not be alive?

    It's one thing to argue that abortion is killing a living being, but you can't argue against it because it prevents someone from being born in the first place.

  • If you were to abort a week old fetus (if it can even be called a fetus then), most people would not call it murder. It's just a bunch of cells at that point. However, aborting a fetus a week before birth is clearly murder. The baby is fully developed by that point. The tricky thing is to determine when it makes that switch from a couple of cells to a human. Maybe you could call it a human when the brain develops. It's a tough question and I don't know if the average person has enough information to determine it for themselves.

    What I don't understand is if someone thinks that abortion is murder, but then is OK with it in the cases of rape. It's horrible when someone gets raped and even more so if they get pregnant, but does that justify killing someone else so the mother doesn't have to deal with pregnancy?

    • Absolutley, I agree with every word you said. And I've been wondering about that rape thing too and I'd really like to know, so it'd be nice if someone could answer that here

  • A woman's right and decision is her choice. HER choice.

  • Taking a human life is murder. Since abortion takes a human life it is murder. PS. Your A and B options are the same.