I can’t stop thinking about a married woman! Is this normal?

8 months ago I met this woman named Monica on a hookup site. Me and Monica instantly clicked. We got along and had so much fun on the first date, but. She revealed on the first day she’s in an open marriage. I asked why. She tells me it’s because the husband has erectile dysfunction and he can’t sexually please her. She’s in her late 30’s with. I’m my late 20’s! She only dates guys 10 years younger than her. I didn’t think much of it I was just looking to get laid at the time.

2 weeks later Monica tells me I can’t see other women. She wanted me to be her boyfriend while she’s married. I told her I can’t do that. She got angry and said “I’m selfish”. Her story about the open marriage changed. She told me she and her husband don’t have a relationship. They’re only together to raise a child. Because the husband loves her child like it’s his own. Monica expected me to wait 3 years for her. Until her child is an adult. So she can divorce her husband. I didn’t take any of that seriously at the time.

I continued smashing Monica on a down-low. She started acting like the perfect girlfriend. Doing everything for me. She even introduced me to her friends as her boyfriend. I had a lot of fun with her. After 3 months I decided to let her go. She broke down. While she was out of my life. I tried dating someone else and that didn’t work. So I ended up going back to Monica.

I went back to smashing her on a downlow. Than a month ago I decided to let her go again. She still kept calling n texting me. About a week ago she texting me to tell me she found a man better than me. And she’s divorcing her husband for her new man.

I tried dating another after my that. And it didn’t work. I still have Monica stuck in my head.
How do I get my mind off her? Is this normal?
I can’t stop thinking about a married woman! Is this normal?
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I can’t stop thinking about a married woman! Is this normal?
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