Trying to find a good recent pic?

Which looks best for a dating app?
  • Trying to find a good recent pic.?#1
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  • Trying to find a good recent pic.?#2
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  • Trying to find a good recent pic.?#3
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What Girls Said 3

  • Go with the 3rd pic. The first one is “too casual.” The second one looks like you’re “trying too hard.” The last one seems more genuine. But I would recommend taking one straight on without turning your head to the side. No smirks. Just smile! 😁

    • Thanks for the input. I feel like my left side is my better side and my smile looks funky xD hence the side smirk

    • Hey! Some girl is going to love both of your sides and your funky smile. 😉

  • Okay, don’t do that with your face. It isn’t flattering. I think it makes you look constipated.

    Just smile normally.

  • I like the 3rd pic. Crop it if you can.


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