How do I make the first move?

I’ve been with my boyfriend now for a little over 8 months. Up until 4 months in, I was pretty shy. Now I’m breaking out of my shell and becoming more open and talkative around others again. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of relationships and all that. I’ve never held his hand, or kissed him or anything else beyond that level. All I have done is hug him.

Since I am coming out of my shy little shell, I want to start acting as if we truly are in a real relationship and act like a actual couple. ((He tells me all the time whatever I’m comfortable with he is also. ))

(Just like to point out that I don’t plan on having sex this young. So that’s outta here. Also, we both agree on that concept. Just like to say that. )

Any advice?

Thank you.


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  • If he does not want to make the move be the aggressive one and make the move


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