How to tell my friend how I feel?

Me and a friend both had interest in the same guy. Now another friend of ours and him recently started something as he has been into her for a while and she is now single. (Both my friend and I are happy for them, this is not our issue)
Back before she had split with her then boyfriend, whenever either of us would try to talk about him or our feelings in anyway she always got super defensive and told us he wasn’t looking for anything serious or looking to date anyone. She acted as if she owned him and he was off limits to us. Despite how she was she denied she felt anything for him (we could both see something was there)
My friend and I feel hurt by the way she handled things and we don’t know how to tell her. We want her to know we are happy and support her but he way she treated us wasn’t nice. Any advise?


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  • Simply talk to her. Tell her about your emotions and expectations. Clarify the situation.


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