The School Year is almost over, should I go for it with my crush anyways?

Prom is on Friday this week and there's not many weeks of school afterwards. I have the opportunity to talk to a girl tomorrow (Wednesday) that I don't see other days of the week. She doesn't seem to talk to guys much, so I think she's open.

Earlier this year I was kind of a coward with trying to talk to this girl who's in my homeroom and no classes. We know each other a little, but she seems a little shy like me and goes on her phone during homeroom. Maybe it's too late to do something for prom (although the last day to buy tickets is Thursday), but is it too late to try to be her boyfriend this year (like I could still be her boyfriend even if we didn't go as a prom couple), or at least get her cell phone number?

P. S. I have her Twitter, but she doesn't use it too often, if that helps you make your decision.


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