Guys, This guy is good... Maybe too good?

Okay... Met on an app and had the funniest and pretty flirty convos for a good 9 or 10 days. How any man kept my interest on an app beyond 2 days is beyond me because I usually get really bored really fast. That's why I am saying, damn... this guy's good. As in he knows how to talk and keep it from getting old. Finally asks me out after a couple of days after one conversation got kind of steamy but nothing x rated. Come to find out the man likes talking a bit dirty. My problem is I actually like it but I don't want him to think I'm easy, ya know? Also, I'm definitely more comfortable with that as a relationship progresses. It's obviously not the only thing we talk about but the sexual tension is definitely there. So... I'm thinking I should hold back on sleeping with him, regardless. Don't guys deep down prefer you not give it up too quickly? Also, how do I allow this playful, somewhat steamy banter continue on a certain level but let him know I am more comfortable as a relationship progresses without making him feel like I am totally shutting it down. I've learned that sometimes a person can take "not yet" or "tread lightly" as "not ever" because they are afraid they won't be able to figure out when it will be appropriate again so they just don't say anything. I hope that makes sense!


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  • Every guy is different the saying of I gave it up too fast so he lost interest is not in reality correct as it just shows sex is all he wanted why can a guy not enjoy sex or the sexual pleasures ontop on enjoy her company

    • But what about the dirty talk? If I was sleeping with him I would like it more but since I'm not yet I almost feel like I am being a tease. But maybe I'm wrong! Maybe that's part of the fun?

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    • Huh? Sorry. I didn't understand with the typos!

    • Oh sorry at work just follow his lead if he talks sexual act in kind if not don't bring it up if u feel it is becoming only about sex then leave it

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