Girls, What to do after I told her I like her?

I told a girl i met 2 months ago that i like her, we met on instagram DM, we have been talking almost every single day since then, now we talk every single day, messages, late night phone calls that last for hours, video chat that lasts for hours, we have been on 2 dates both lasted about 10 and 7 hours, and we are always entertained, always talking about something, hell she just texted me good morning while i am writing this, and we talked via video chat last night. I never had this connection with a girl before, i told her that i liked her she was weirded out, i explainded better, i said i like her but like more of a little crush, because liking and love for me take time, she was relived a bit and then told me that she was attracted to me as well, but that is too soon, i cannot help but to think that this her way to let me down easy, because i am pretty sure if she was attracted to me, knowing i am attracted to her, she would not say its too soon, also i have competition, and that motherfucker is cute, tall, has a car, knows her longer, they are good friends (she told me she does not have a friendzone given all people she was with were her friends first) and took her to prom, also for a person to be her friend needs o be special, which means he probably has the upper hand in every way do I have any chance here? Or am i plan B?


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  • Wait for her to take a step


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