How do relationships happen?

You know when people ask if you're in a relationship? I'm not particularly bothered by the question as I am legitimately curious as to what they mean. I get asked if I met someone, as if it's only a matter of course- and by the sound of it, it does seem it's generally that way for a lot of people.

A friend asked me if I ever had a girlfriend, and I told him I'm not a very social person. But he disclaimed that even shy people tend to meet someone (which is actually kind of true). I have friends who wouldn't seem like they'd attract girls, but they still had relationships regardless.

My question is, is there some sort of protocols which makes people simply end up in relationships in natural order? Basically, it's assumed it sort of happens. I don't understand how that works.


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  • Well i don´t agree with this view, for a relationship to happen, you need to encounter someone that you will have great compatibility with and that you can develop a deep emotional connection with. If you cannot meet someone who will satisfy both criteria better to not even lose your time because it is going to fall a part in due time. So depending on how you are and your views about life, the world and so on, it would be more or less difficult to find someone that will satisfy both emotional connection and compatibility, so it all depends on your views, if your views are more or less in the more common range, you probably aren´t going to have that much of a trouble finding someone you can develop an emotional connection to and at the same time being compatible enought to keep the relationship going, but if your views are out of the boxlike mine, it can really be very difficult to find someone, i only know two people that meet my criteria right now, so, it doesn´t happen naturally and depending on how deep is your vision about the world, life itself, it will be very hard to find someone in fact, because majority of people nowadays dip in shallow waters, sadly.


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