Is she really busy or just playing me?

I have been chatting to a girl for over a week now on Snapchat and last night we finally met in person I thought we had a great chat and had two really good hugs with her, although I was an anxious mess around her as I don't socialise much, I think it went great she was saying I was attractive and sweet.

I'm not sure if my terrible self confidence put her off, but she has cancelled our date that we arranged before meeting yesterday. I do think she is being genuine about being busy as her reasons for cancelling added up with what we were chatting about last night.

I called her after she cancelled to offer an alternative but she seems to proud to accept me paying for the whole date, which I understand, she said that when she gets some money we should arrange something for next week, nothing is set in stone though, we also agreed to carry on chatting over text and calls.

Now I'm not sure if she is just being kind to not upset me by saying she isn't interested, although her personality did highlight a 'straight to the point' attitude or that she is genuinely busy.

I have really bad anxiety around her, she is so overwhelming for me as she is dead gorgeous and so so awesome to chat too, I really like her a lot. She even said I was anxious when meeting yesterday but I'm sure this will get better if we chat more, right? I want to know if this is normal for blokes or am I just being pathetic haha.

Please share your thoughts on this. Thank you.


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  • Well both options are possible at this point. Either she is in a really busy moment of her life and need some time to get things straight or she is just postponing the inevitable rejection. I would give a 50/50 % chance for both cases at this point. But definitely, you should work on your anxiety, that is a little bit off putting, i would say that she cancelled the meeting with you to give you a little more time to show a little more confidence and less anxiety around her, yes i think the meeting you two have arranged was cancelled more because of your anxiety around her than anything else to be honest, but there is time to improve yourself, when you go meet her, keep calm and relaxed, try to be as natural as you can, and donĀ“t allow her beaty to intimidate you, look at her as you would look at any other people, of course not in a not interested way, but not in a way that might convey you think that she is way too much for you also. But be ready for option B and moving on also, to not be caught by surprise.

    • Thankyou. I mean my anxiety is that bad that I just feel awkward kissing, complimenting etc I will tell you this now that last night was the 1st affectionate hug I have ever had. I have such a bad image of myself I was even thinking to myself why is she interested in me Im nothing special. Like this girl is 10000/10 so easy to talk to, amazing personality, funny af, so bubbly and confident and man is she fit I just can't get over it aha. I am trying to sort my anxiety out but it stems from years of abuse and embarrassment from my family and at school.

    • Well you need to get over it man, and the fact that someone like her maybe is interested in you is a proof you are not as bad as you think you are.

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