Weird 1st Date? Did I Dodge a Bullet?

I met this girl in an online dating site. Right away when I gave her my #, she started texting me a lot each day even though we didn't have our first date yet. 2 days before our scheduled date, she tried to cancel on me, asking if we could do another day because she forgot she already had something scheduled with her "friend". I told her no, we couldn't do another day because I was busy the other times but we could do earlier in that day. She agreed...

The date was kinda weird. She was asking me my goals , asking if I wanted kids or not. She told me about her last relationship how she was living with an alcoholic she almost married, and how her last one was "weird" . She tells me how she has "abandonment" issues, like it's not a big deal... A lot of stuff that I didn't think you'd really tell someone on a first date. But we got a long great. We were very lively, we "bumped" our hands into each other often, she gave me some nice compliments (I did the same), she gave off a lot of good body language signals. When I told her I was going to have to leave at a certain time, she said her and her "friend" weren't doing anything that day after all.

At the end, we said goodbye. I texted her later that evening, thanking her for letting me take her out, how much I enjoyed her company and hoped we could see each other again. She never responded...

I texted her the next day, asking her how she was. She said point blank "Sorry, I meant to text you back. I wasn't feeling any "Chemistry" yesterday. We can be friends though if you want." I told her point blank I was not interested in friendship (she lives an hour away and I wouldn't see her otherwise), but if she ever has a change of heart, feel free to get a hold of me and thanks again for a really nice time. She said she definatley would.

I'm wondering if she had another guy in the background and chose him instead (because of the sudden cancellation), and if her being so revealing on the first date was a red flag...

Any thoughts?


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  • You followed your gut. When it comes to dating, especially online dating, following your gut is the right thing to do. Did you dodge a bullet? Hell, for all you know you either dodged a bullet or you dodged the best girl in the world, but your gut was screaming at you and you went with it, and that's usually the right thing to do. Anytime you don't like the vibe, just bouncing is okay.


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  • Yeah. I think that "friend" was another guy.

  • damn bro, that was hella weird, im sure you'll do fine on the next date


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