Got her number.. she was into me... but flaked?

Hey, so this is just a generalised question but I'm using this experience as example.

So I was out last Friday and ended up chatting to two girls who introduced me to their single friend. We seem to hit it off and all was good.

When her friends returned I asked for her number and was going to head back over to my friends.

She gave it me then her friends jokingly said - you can only take her out if you guess her birthday.

To which the girl who's number I got helped me with clues. Meaning she was into me and wanted to go on a date? And all her friends were supportive.

Now I text her a few moments later asking if her name was spelt correctly (irish name) we had a little bit of a text convo and then that was it.

Sunday came along and I text her (since I was the last person to text in that conversation) Something relevant to what we talked about and then also saying I want to take her out on a date and when she was available.

Now I'm hindsight maybe the text came across too forward? But it's on WhatsApp and hasn't been read.

Is this a test some girls do to which she will text me maybe a week later saying I'm so sorry I've been super busy (basically testing me.)

Obviously time will tell, but what generally makes girls flake and not want to respond after showing good interest?


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  • Hopefully it's not a test. Sounds super childish.


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