Getting back with my ex?

So, like 2 years ago I was dating this girl that very cute, and I've made a stupid mistake that made us separate.
Now fast forward 2 years I want her back again and I will do anything for it.

Should I do it?
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  • What if she is dating someone else and she really likes this guy, just try to move on there many other girls in the world. And yup i know i am only 13 but i have big sisters that come to me for advice so just listen.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Slow down! Doesn't she have some input into that decision to reunite? What did you do that caused the break up?

    • We've got more like pierpresured into a relationship and she found the relationship fun and etcetera but I didn't really, she had a good personality but that didn't stop me for not thinking it was a good relationship into the back of my head.
      4 months later I've decided to brake up in the worst way I've done it, with a text message.

      Later (one week after) I felt so dumb and left alone because even though I broke it up because of the pierpresure she was still sweet, kind and beautiful and she still is.

      We are still chatting each other some times.

      But I want her back but I don't know how...

    • Do what you didn't do the last time: pick up the phone and call her, and ask if you can talk to her face-to-face.

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  • I've been in your shoes before. Getting back won't be the same. You should just try to move on.

  • Never backslide


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