I creeped out a girl?

This girl thought I was cute, we are both shy people. I feel like my friend should have never told me that detail because I wouldn't have been able to act naturally. Anyways we got really cross faded, anyones who's been cross faded knows how emotional you can get, they invite the girl over and I have an anxiety attack. She never talked to me after.


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  • You can always reach out and apologize if you want to save face and you can discuss about how this has never happened to you but you wish to continue to get to know her. If she doesn't give you a chance, you can just move on but it wouldn't hurt to try. Maybe you'll find yourself in that position again and you'll be better prepared.

    • My problem is that I just don't feel like a man because of that sit

    • I mean, everyone goes through their share of embarrassing moments and you never know, she may end up being understanding! Life's too short to live with regrets.

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