What should I do to get him back while he is in jail. moving on isn’t a option?

My boyfriend of three years broke up with me a month ago. I have been trying to get him back because I was the problem I was rude he says. He went to jail 2 days ago and we talked on the phone. He will be there for 6 months. I told him I would wait for him and I meant that. He is worried about getting hurt again and doesn’t want be to wait. He told me to move on and stuff. He has been in there for 2 days. If I show him I have changed and I did wait for him will he come back to me. I don’t want to move on.


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  • If he lost feelings for you it is very rare for you to get him back, you can always visit him but I don't know how much of a good idea that would be, if you wait for him then thats your time wasted no one elses mostly if he doesn't take you back, you said not to say to move on so ok thats that, nothing more to say

    • He told me he still loves me. He told me maybe he will come back

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    • Can you do that on this app

    • We are going to be friends for a couple of weeks like 2 to see where things go from there because we both love each other he has been nice to me and stuff we hung out and it was nice you could tell me actually missed me and my 3 year old sister lol they have a bond. If things keep going good we will be back and we have rules no sleeping with other people or flirting. So fingers crossed I miss us

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  • Ok...

    • What was the point of that

    • To make u reflect.
      Sometime what you desire is not what you deserve and what you deserve is not what deserve.

      So find what you really deserve then desire it.

    • Take of today and tomorrow will take care by itself.

      Plant the right seed today to get the right fruit tomorrow

  • If you set the bar a little lower it may prevent future disappointment!

  • Well, unless he is Bi, he won't have any options while in jail.

    You need to consider the character of this guy. What is the likelihood jail becomes a reoccurring theme?


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