Liked a girl since I was 14. But what do I do?

I've known this girl for nearly a decade and we have an incredible amount in common. However, we never lived in the same town/city, in fact most of our communication has been through text & calls or through gaming (when we were younger), also in the past couple years we have gone to a few concerts together and had a few dinners. We used to flirt back and forth and have always been close, until the past few years when we have just gotten equally busy with our lives. She is now dating the same guy for the second time who lives on the other side of the country who visits her every now and then, and they seem happy. But for a few years it has been unspoken that I still like her. I don't know if she knows that I do. I sometimes hint at it, however I would never overstep her relationship or be weird about things. That's the opposite of what I want. I should add that we are still in touch and have active plans to hangout. But at some point I'm gonna have to confess. I just don't know how.. or when.. or if I should.. or should I just move on? I've never met anyone better than her, so this is why it's tough. Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks in advanced !


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  • Don’t over think this (how, when, should I)
    If you like her, tell her. Don’t waste time wondering what would happen if you did.
    Two things could happen.
    1) she could say “I like you too” and something could go from there
    2) she would say she doesn’t feel the same and never would. Which is fine! It just means she wasn’t the one for you. Someone else will come along who is meant for you.

    • It's just weird to confess feelings to someone while they're already in a relationship. I feel like that weakens your odds. But at the same time if she truly likes me, that wouldn't differ her answer. So I appreciate the advice! 🙂 I'll take action next time I see her. Thank you

    • You’re most welcome and keep us updated on what’s happening

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