Why do some girls act like I'm getting away with something by dating attractive girls?

I don't consider myself to be conventionally handsome, like no one is going to mistake me for being a male model. But I do have several things going for me physically, and I am fortunate to have a lot of girls interested in dating me. I've never had huge confidence in my looks, so it took me until college to fully realize that beautiful women weren't always smiling at me because they were mocking me. In fact, my first serious girlfriend asked me out. I couldn't bring myself to ask her because she was so pretty that I thought she was out of my league.

What confuses me is that some girls seem to get actually mad at seeing me dating really beautiful girls, like they don't think I deserve to be with them or something. One girl I was friends with in college actually ended our relationship when she found out I was dating a girl she thought I wasn't well-matched with. It's not like I had to trick these girls into dating me. They're with me because they want to be.


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  • My theory would be that they don't think you're attractive and feel that it's unfair that you get to date women that they perceive to be out of your league while they most likely have no luck with the same. Does it make a lot of sense? Not really but that's all I can think of.

    In my experience this sort of "imbalance" in attractiveness usually appears in relationships where the female is considered objectively more attractive than the male. That's not always the case but I personally see that more often, and maybe these women you're talking about do too.

    This is just a theory so I could be totally wrong.

    • That's what I think too, but I still don't understand the reason why they get upset. It's like they think I got away with something, but what would that be? I think what it comes down to is that these girls think that a guy like me should be available to them with no problem, but then they see me with a really attractive girl, and it harms the image of themselves that they've constructed in their minds. All of which is very crass, obviously, and more than a little childish.

  • It's unrealistic people who do that. A lot of people in our generation were raised to believe that they're the greatest things since the internet, and they have no sense of who they really are. Guys do the same thing. I get these zippy little boys who still look like they're dressed by their mommies wondering why I'm dating my dead sexy boyfriend. It's like they honestly think they can compete with a guy who was a college athlete built like jj watt.

    • But what am I getting away with? That's what I don't get.

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    • So what should I do about it?

    • Nothing! Ignore that shit. Look, you won. You got to date the hot girl and enjoy yourself. Who cares if some mediocre loser girl who no one wants to date is mad about it? Don't waste your energy.

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