Should you let go of people who don't perceive you in the right way, where you have to force them to get to know you?

I came across a thought today about making friends, relationships, w/e.

I use to get so infuriated in the way I would be treated when I introduce myself to people, friends, or potential relationship because they would treat me this way for the remaining time I was with them. The treatment felt terrible and wrong, add less value of a person of me.

From first glance, I was always nice, kind, and friendly. So I was treated like a stupid gullible dog from then forward.

After a while of being around them and being fed up with the way that I kept being treated. I would (like an idiot) force people to get to know me sharing my ideas, belief, my history of bad news, my intelligence on things, and so-on. I would force this by trying to have one on one confrontations with them because other times there were no opportunities to talk with them unless they were with a group full of new strangers.

I often left people worried, scared and made them felt that I had some sort of bad mental issue. All this for trying to force them my reality and personality down their throats because they refused to treat me as up and equal as every other friend or person.

In other cases, I would bluntly tell them in the way they are treating me and how I don't like it. (The results most of the time ends up them furious, confused, or crying because they thought I was different some crazy crap)

What I do recently for the past few years is now, just portray myself as a "screw-off" attitude when they don't apply to my portrayal of myself which is very narcissistic of me. They also remain confused and dishearten that I changed attiude real quick without a clue but they leave me be.

What is a proper way of getting yourself across in the right way?


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  • I think that you really should let people who don´t perceive in you the right go, because really, there is no point in trying to force people to know you in the right way when they don´t want to give themselves a chance to do it in the begining. I just let people that cannot understand my style move on already because honestly i don´t want to have people that are incapable of appreciating myself for who i am from the begining, i don´t need alienated people that will judge me with prejudice in my life, and i think you don´t need or even want this kind of people in your life also, but if you really appreciate them you could try as you do, but honestly i don´t think it do any good, if people are stupid with you from moment zero, there is no reason at all to stick to them.


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